Mental Health Program

What are Mental Health Programs?

Our Mental Health program provides wrap-around case management services, including support for individuals with mental health challenges that enable and empower them to lead full and meaningful lives in the community. The program has three major components: Mental Health Case Management, Dougherty County Treatment Court, and Substance Abuse Treatment Court.

Mental Health Residential Program

The Arc of Southwest Georgia’s Independent Residential Services provides scheduled residential service to a served individual who requires a low level of residential structure to maintain stable housing, continue with their recovery, and increase self-sufficiency. This residential placement is the served individual’s choice and is integrated in the community in a scattered site individual residence.

The Arc of Southwest Georgia’s MH Case Managers visit each served individual on a regular basis according to the individual’s needs. These weekly visits are of a varied duration and at varied times of the day. The Case Manager for this program is available at any time day or night via cell phone. In the event of prearranged vacation or illness there is a voice message left on that phone instructing the individual who to call and at what number.

Independent Residential Program Strives to meet these Outcomes

a. Reduction in hospitalizations;

b. Reduction in incarcerations;

c. Maintenance of housing stability;

d. Participation in education, vocational training or gainful employment, if this is a goal in the desire/wish of the served individual

e. Participation in community meetings and other social and recreational activities;

f. Participation in activities that promote recovery and community integration.

We accept referrals from other social service agencies as well families and the individuals themselves.

Guiding Principle of The Arc of Southwest Georgia’s Mental Health Services

Those of us involved with The Arc of Southwest Georgia’s Mental Health Program believe that those who have offended, committed crimes or just plain acted out at times have a right and a responsibility to live in or re-enter their chosen community as a law abiding citizen. We believe these same persons have the right to be treated with the same respect and dignity as any other member of society.

Mental Health Treatment Court

The Treatment Court program was begun by Judge Steven Goss of the Albany/Dougherty County circuit. Judge Goss regularly held court at the Dougherty County jail for people who potentially could be sent to a state of Georgia Department of Corrections facility. The Arc of Southwest Georgia’s part in this cooperative effort is to provide “wrap around” case management services to those that are referred to us by the court. We also strive to reach the same out-comes listed under the Independent Residential Program. The Case Manager assigned to the Treatment Court regularly communicates not only the served individual but with the mental health provider and the local probation office. This program only accepts those cases referred to us by the Treatment Court team.

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What We Believe

We believe all individuals, regardless of disabilities or exceptional needs, have strengths, abilities, and inherent value and should experience the same opportunities, rights and freedoms as inclusive members of the community.

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