The Arc of Southwest Georgia 42nd Annual Awards Reception

November 5th, 2020

 We are honored to recognize  and celebrate the growth and achievements of our individual award winners, the dedication and work of our team awards winners, and the contributions, service, and loyalty of our community award winners.

Adult Day Individual Award

Macarthur Carter

McArthur has made tremendous strides in the past year, especially with his communication skills. Last year at this time he would only echo or copy what people said to him. Today he is speaking full sentences and trying to hold conversations with people he likes, especially the ladies! He is always smiling and happy when you see him.

ICWP Individual Award

Oree Crittenden

Mr. Oree Crittenden has been a member of The Arc of SWGA  I. C. W. P.  program since 2016.  Mr. Crittenden currently serves as the Assistant Director of Access to Independence located in Columbus Ga. Mr. Crittenden initially served on the advisory board for Access to Independence in 2008 and became an actual employee in 2013.   The mission of Access 2 Independence aims to provide members of the disabled community with services, support, and advocacy -to empower them to participate in the community and live independently.

Mental Health Individual Award

Arthur Jones

Mr. Arthur has been with Arc of SWGA for a long time and through all the challenges through the years, I have seen him grow into an appreciative, considerate individual the last year. He has become more cooperative as well. He is truly allowing Arc of SWGA to provide him with assistance that is needed to allow him the best quality of life he deserves. I am proud to have been Mr. Arthur Jones Case Manager.

Project ARC Individual Award

Kayshica Weston

I have chosen Kayshica Weston to receive the Individual Achievement Award because, since I’ve met her, she has been very independent and has used all resources wisely to help her navigate in this diverse world we live in. A couple of months ago Ms. Weston experienced a heart attack and she has been doing a wonderful job at keeping her health first. She has kept up with all appointments including therapy, plus she has changed her eating habits.

Residential Individual Award

Tammy Killian

Tammy Killian was chosen for the achievement award because she is very brave and resilient.  She has overcome a lot in the 8 years she has been in this program.  Tammy is very independent and enjoys being able to take care of herself as much as she can.  She likes being able to make her own choices and decisions concerning her lifestyle.  Over the years, Tammy has learned how to manage/budget her money, cook small meals, and give directions to places in the community she likes to go.  Tammy works in both our offices as a part time receptionist, and she is very dedicated to her job.  She answers the phones directing calls to appropriate personnel, checking and sorting mail, and providing excellent customer service to the visitors and staff.  Tammy enjoys going to church, shopping, to the park, and out to eat at Olive Garden.  We here at the Arc are very honored to have Miss Tammy Killian as a part of our family.

SOURCE Individual Award

Mr. K.C. Davis

Mr. K.C. Davis has been a member of The Arc of SWGA S. O. U. R. C. E. program for 4 ½ years and Mr. Davis has an uplifting positive charisma about himself which makes every telephone call or home visit with him a joy.

Treatment Court Individual Award

June Hooker

When June joined our program in 2018, she was struggling with several issues to include homelessness and chronic unemployment, as well as substance abuse issues and medical problems.  Over the past two years, she has completed a recovery program, found full time employment with benefits and is now living in her own apartment! She has been an outstanding treatment court participant and an example to others on what can be achieved with hard work and dedication.

Vocational Services Individual Award

Dantavious Washington

Dantavious Washington is our choice to receive the Individual Achievement Award. He has demonstrated the ability to listen well, to interpret a directive, distinctively, then execute what he has been asked to do. His ability to learn quickly from his mistakes shows that he has, and can, take on a Job Opportunity and maintain that position for a very long time.

Otis Burgess Award

Antron Sheppard

Antron has demonstrated and lived this mission and the mission of our agency – to create life-changing solutions for people with disabilities.  Antron is a person served in Residential Services and works for Vocational Services.

Antron has been employed with the The Arc of SWGA since 2010.    Antron is also active in the community – he serves as an usher at his church.

Antron is also living the dream by marrying the love of his life last November.  Antron actively advocates for himself and others to live productive lives and be a part of their community.  Antron has a better life because of his self-advocacy and the efforts and support of family, friends, co-workers, and staff.+

Ellen D. Raulerson Award

Daniel Willis

Daniel Willis serves as our Board President and he has demonstrated and exemplified these qualities long before serving on our board.  Daniel has given of his time and talents in many ways to this agency.  As a member of Greenbrier Church, he has volunteered and given to our individuals for several years, including the restoration of our Kids’ Corner playground and other projects.  Most recently, Daniel has provided leadership and advice with regard to our financial and fiscal processes.  He is always willing to help.

Annette Bowling Award

DeAnna Julian

From the beginning of her administration as an advocate for people with disabilities, Ms. Bowling believed that all people deserved a fair chance in life. She believed that all people can become productive members of society. She believed that all people, regardless of their abilities should experience the same opportunities, rights and freedoms as inclusive members of the community. She set out to create life-changing solutions for people with disabilities.

  • DeAnna has advocated at the local and state levels and with all elected officials on behalf of our individuals
  • Since serving as Executive Director, she has overcome many obstacles and created solutions – all for the sake of the people we serve.
  • DeAnna rose to the occasion when confronted with COVID-19 and went to work on the Paycheck Protection Program and any and all other financial resources to sustain the agency and its staff during this pandemic.

She also was personally involved with both staff and individuals served who were impacted by the virus – and she went to great lengths to ensure the safety of both staff and individuals served.

Board Member of the Year Award

Nick Roosevelt

Nick Roosevelt was selected as the Board Member of the Year for 2020. During his first year as a member of The Arc of Southwest Georgia, he became invaluable to the executive director in the effort to rewrite, and to receive approval, on new bylaws to improve the agency, and its ability to achieve strategic board development. Nick has shown dedication to the mission and vision at The Arc, and during the pandemic, he participated in the Zoom meetings to keep the agency moving forward during a difficult time. Nick is the Rector at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church and enjoys participating in community activities and events.

Community Recognition Award

Flint River Fresh-Farmer Fredo

Fredando Jackson, known affectionately as Farmer Fredo does not fit into the box of your typical farmer. The Americus, GA native grew up understanding the importance of growing food and its ability to create an identity for a community.

He is an eco-social entrepreneur who wants to make a difference in rural and under-served communities by teaching “super simple” sustainable practices that feed people and preserve the environment. Farmer Fredo is passionate about working to connect farmers directly to families and teaching people how to grow their own food. His support of The Arc of Southwest Georgia is celebrated with our Community Recognition Award.

Community Partner Award

Feed The Valley Food Bank, Albany

Frank Sheppard and Cheryl Maddox

Frank and Cheryl are an essential community partner to Albany and surrounding counties. Their support of The Arc of Southwest Georgia during a time of uncertainty is humbling. Our community is a better place because of these two and the support of Feeding the Valley Food Bank.

Guts and Grits Employee Award

Denise Hatcher -Accounting & Payroll Specialist

2020 has brought many challenges to our community, our individuals, and our employees. Facing these challenges takes dedication, determination, and a heart of service. Denise works tirelessly to ensure we are all taken care of and is the first one to rise to a challenge. The Arc of Southwest Georgia is honored to have her on our team.

Outstanding Leadership Employee Award

Sonia Prescott-Education Director

Sonia continues to prove strong leadership is the key to a successful team. She has led our Child Development center through obtaining a Bright from the Start Quality Rating accreditation. At the onset of COVID-19, Sonia and her team quickly implemented safety procedures and policies to ensure our children served could continue early-intervention learning that is crucial to their development.

Outstanding Leadership Employee Award

Ashley Wells-Director of Human Resources

Ashley demonstrates leadership daily by ensuring our employees are taken care of and have all needed resources. Through COVID-19 Ashley worked countless hours filing unemployment claims and following up on all related issues to ensure employees received benefits during our shut down. Ashley and her team have turned our Human Resource department paperless which has cut cost and made us more efficient.

Above and Beyond Employee Award

Serquwilla Mackeroy-Residential Case Manager Supervisor

Serquwilla continues to impress with her ability and willingness to go Above and Beyond. She is the first to offer help to others, no matter the task, and her passion shines through everything she does.

Supporting families across Southwest Georgia.