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Why Become a Community Partner?

Since its inception, The Arc of Southwest Georgia has envisioned a world in which people of all abilities experience the same opportunities, rights, and freedoms as inclusive members of the community. Support from corporate partners makes this vision a reality. Business and foundation partnerships establish a lasting legacy of community stewardship and influence others in the business community to join us in our endeavor to promote dignity, personal freedom, and acceptance for individuals with disabilities.

With almost a quarter of the population having a developmental or physical disability, our corporate membership program ensures that we can stay true to our mission of turning disabilities into possibilities while promoting the general welfare of those we serve. Support from donors helps us make it possible for them to lead happier lives.

In years past, organizations like The Arc of Southwest Georgia could provide essential services to individuals with disabilities and their families through funding from Medicaid Waivers and Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services. Home and Community-Based Services are essential to individuals with disabilities and their families as it allows individuals with disabilities to remain in the community, gain meaningful employment, and live rich and fulfilling lives in our community. Unfortunately, funding for Medicaid Waivers and Home and Community-Based Services have steadily declined at both the state and federal level (Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities).  Georgia previously annualized 1,500 Medicaid Waivers, but that number has decreased to 150 in current and previous years. Yet, decline in funding does not translate to a decline in demand.

Currently, the state of Georgia has over 7,300 individuals with disabilities on the waiting list for a Medicaid Waiver.  While these individuals wait for a waiver to receive services and supports, their families and friends must make incredibly hard caregiving decisions. Paying for Home and Community-Based Services out-of-pocket can be financially devastating, particularly when services are needed long-term. Furthermore, the demands and stress families face while providing care themselves can be detrimental to a caregivers physical and mental health. For many individuals with disabilities who do not have family members or friends that can assist with their care, they are placed into nursing homes. In fact, underage residents (defined as ages 30 and under) are the fastest growing population, accounting for 16% of the total nursing home population.

As there is not enough state and federal funding granted, The Arc of Southwest Georgia has had an increasing need to rely on public and private contributions from organizations,  foundations, and Community Partnerships  to continue delivering invaluable programs consistent with our mission.

What Does a Partnership Include?

As a Community Partner ,  you help improve the quality of life for people with disabilities while showcasing your brand and your support of disability rights.

In a time when so many are experiencing disruption and uncertainty, you will be part of  creating life changing solutions and ensure members of the disability community in Southwest Georgia have the same opportunities, rights, and freedoms as inclusive members of our community.

Your partnership will be recognized and branded on all yearly events and fundraisers, our website, and various social media post. Partners will receive free tickets to all ticketed events.

If you are interested in learning more, contact our office at (229) 888-6852.

As a member of The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), we adhere to AFP’s ethical guidelines, codes, and standards.

Our Partners:

What We Believe

We believe all individuals, regardless of disabilities or exceptional needs, have strengths, abilities, and inherent value and should experience the same opportunities, rights and freedoms as inclusive members of the community.

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