Autism Parent Support Group

What is Autism Parent Support Group?

A group of people seeking support who gather voluntarily on a regular basis to meet certain needs they share in common. The group size is usually small. The group operates on the principle that everyone in the group stands on equal footing. No one person has more authority or power. Members are encouraged to talk about their concerns, issues, and feelings that relate to the focus of the meeting (in our case, life with autism) as well as responding to others who share. A facilitator will be concerned with guiding the group process that may include setting ground rules and keeping the conversation balanced and on track, and creating a space where participants feel comfortable and empowered to have authentic feelings and expression in a confidential and safe environment.You should feel invited to participate fully and freely. This includes being listened to and responded to.A support group is not necessarily a therapy group, but they often have a very therapeutic effect.

Facilitated by our education director, Sonia Prescott, MA, meetings of our support group include open-floor discussions to provide parents with a platform to discuss different coping strategies and mechanisms for optimal care and empowerment of their children.  A lending library and resource table are available.

Our training is individualized.

Focusing on the goals set by each person with autism and their family.

Our training is family-focused.

Parents are welcome participants in all planning and goal-setting.

Our training shares the best practices in the field.

Parents are encouraged to develop a “thinking set” that enables them to evaluate the success of treatment as well as to look at emerging developments and to determine their relevance for their family.

Our training is for life.

It becomes the building blocks for most individuals with autism to enter and participate in their natural communities, including homes, schools, places of worship, neighborhoods and workplaces, throughout their lives.

Training Method

Our training is built on the belief that autism is a pervasive developmental disorder which interferes with an individual’s ability to understand or participate in everyday social interactions. Our training develops successful social exchanges between parents and their children with autism. The Social Exchange Training provided by our autism trainer is the first step in making social interactions understandable to people with autism. These services foster children’s ability to participate in social interactions. Our training is practical. Parents learn the training methodologies which help them plan activities for their child and apply appropriate techniques in varying real-life situations. Parents also learn through self-reflection how to gauge their actions and emotions when communicating with their child with autism.

Services Offered

  • Advocacy
  • In-Service Training
  • Community Education
  • IEP Support
  • Family Training

Monthly meetings include:

  • Open-floor discussions to provide parents with a platform to discuss different coping strategies and mechanisms
  • Information/resource table
  • Lending library
  • Hospitality table
  • Fun, relaxed atmosphere
  • Relevant information on advocacy for children and young adults
  • Free child care

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